President's Blog: Heads up 9

One of my most disliked phrases, and we’ve all used it, as a descriptor of ourselves and others in this job is “just a firefighter”. Maybe it’s our humble kiwi nature, maybe it’s a tall poppy thing, but we are not “just” firefighters. We are Career Professional Firefighters and we need to start thinking of ourselves as that. We should be proud to be a Professional Firefighter, we are after all, the most trusted workers in the country. And in an organisation with over 12000 operational personnel it is our professionalism that sets us apart, the entry tests - both physical and mental, the initial interview process, but also the ongoing training and development - the courses, the exams, the assessments, which are continuous and must be maintained, this is a point of difference to our volunteer colleagues.

Holiday remediation payments to be made next week

FENZ has confirmed they have completed the work to calculate the holiday remediation payments for around 202 firefighters for their annual holidays taken between 1 January 2010 and 31 December 2017. This group covers firefighters who either had a period of leave without pay or were seconded into a Black Watch position during the remediation period. The holiday remediation payments will be included in with the Wednesday 19 June pay.