Tauranga Local Notice to Members

The Tauranga Local is becoming increasingly concerned with the reliability and performance of our operational vehicle fleet. As well as following normal reporting processes we are asking members to please record in writing, instances where vehicles have failed or not been fit for purpose. If operations were adversely affected, strategies and tactics changed, public/personnel or property put at risk, service delivery impacted or excessive time lost we want to know.

Online system to assist NZPFU Members comment on FENZ's attack on rank and command systems

Online system to assist NZPFU Members comment on FENZ's attack on rank and command systems

The NZPFU has been holding membership meetings around the country to inform members of the attacks on your safe systems of work through the FENZ “proposals for our organisational structure and approach to rank” which was released last Wednesday. The proposal will enable FENZ to appoint non-qualified, inexperienced and untrained civilians into positions currently known as Assistant Area Managers and Area Managers/Commanders and are proposed to be named Group Managers and District Managers. Your health and safety and the response to the community is under attack when a proposal enables FENZ to have non-qualified, untrained and inexperienced personnel manage career firefighters and stations, and are able to take command at an incident.


The NZPFU National Executive and Tauranga / Kawerau Locals have called an urgent general meeting with members to discuss the recent organisational structure proposals and what it means for members. This is a chance to get a better understanding of the consultation proposals that will impact our roles in the future from our NZPFU National Exec as well as getting guidance on the process to provide feedback. This meeting is open to all NZPFU members.