Total Victory for NZPFU in Holidays Act Case

In a decision issued late yesterday, the full Court of the Employment Court has found in favour of the NZPFU’s claim that its members are entitled to take another working day off for each public holiday worked.

The decision means that all members are now owed significant numbers of days off, which have been unlawfully denied to them since 1 April 2004, when the new Holidays legislation came into force.

Wellington Local Notice to Members

Section 66

Members are advised that at a recent meeting of the Local Executive, the subject of members being promoted by management’s use of Section 66 Fire Service Act.

A lot of work and investigation was undertaken by a sub committee.

It was agreed that there is no real need in Wellington, being a large brigade, with no shortage of officers, to have members promoted in this manner and that any shortfall in staffing should be covered by overtime by the occupational class where any short term vacancy may exist.

The Local therefore recommends to its members that they decline any invitation to be promoted using the Section 66 part of the Act.

If any member is approached by management to accept a promotion under section 66, members are advised to contact their Local representatives for further advice.