Wellington Local Notice to Members

Building Evacuations

Members should be aware of ramifications when allowing building occupants back into an evacuated building. Advice is that the alarm system may not be working and therefore they may not have an operable evacuation scheme. This local recommends to members that care is taken when talking to the building owner / agent to let them know this information. And that they the owners / agents take responsibility for the re-entry of occupiers.

Wellington Local Notice to Members


Members are advised that the Local has been in discussion with management on our belief that members can not be made to relieve inter-district. Management has disputed this.

As such the Local has adopted the preferred approach of dealing with disputes whereby the status quo remains in place until the dispute is resolved.

Therefore the recommendation to members in NTM 05/02 is on hold.

The Local will be pursuing this with the National Union.

Training Course Attendance

Members are advised that there have been many changes with this agreement. The National Union will promulgate the final agreement. The agreement can be summarised by the following:

1. 5 day courses & longer
- Black watch 2 clear days off before and after the course                                                

2. 3 & 4 day courses
- Placed on black watch for the duration of the course with 2 clear days off before and after the course

3. Note, Clear days run midnight to midnight

4. 1 & 2 day courses
- Work usual roster
- OT paid if course is on any non work day If applicable, night shift off immediately before, during or after the course completion.

National Conference Highlights

This years conference was held in Palmerston North 26-28 November. For members information, there are 19 locals around the country and each local is entitled to send a representative, generally the Secretary. The conference is also attended by the 3 branch committee’s (Northern, Central and Southern) and the Branchs’ 3 officials. The President, Vice President and Secretary were also in attendance making the number attending the conference 31.

Wellington Local Notice to Members

Manning Issues

Members are advised that it is the policy of this local that appliances will not be de-manned due to no overtime being found. We have an agreement from the Regional commander that in the event of extreme shortages and if no other option at all exists the On Call CFO/DCFO is to be contacted. The On Call CFO/DCFO has the authority to make a decision to allow available personnel to work the required shift (in excess of the guidelines) in this emergency situation and authorise reasonable stand-down time to ensure that individuals are not
exposed to extreme workloads or stress. There are limitations to this moving between ranks and acting up and acting down rules apply. The member should in essence be stood down from routine duties for the 3rd shift to rest.