Welcome to the New Zealand Professional Firefighters' Union.

The New Zealand Professional Firefighters' Union is a key partner with the Fire Service in delivering the Fire Service's strategic vision of reducing the incidence and consequence of fire and to provide a professional response to other emergencies.

NZPFU representatives are based on all career fire stations. There are also 19 Union Locals in the major metropolitan and principal centres where career firefighters are employed.

The NZPFU plays a crucial role in the lives of Fire Service employees and makes a significant contribution to the culture of the organisation. Join online and become a member of the NZPFU by contacting your nearest Branch.

Keeping you better informed

We have implemented innovative ways to keep both our supporters and members better informed. Members and supporters are invited to keep in the loop with the latest developments by subscribing to our eNewsletter service as well as following us on Facebook and Twitter. We also operate a discreet SMS service which allows us to send notifications to NZPFU members. News alerts are sent at both a national and local scale providing us with an efficient and secure way to get urgent messages to members.

Organisational Chart

Download our NZPFU organisational chart to learn how our Locals, Branches and National Committee are structured. Identify positions represented by conference delegates.

How the NZPFU can benefit you

  • Coverage by the Collective Agreement
  • Representation and advocacy in all matters relating to and arising out of employment
  • Representation and advocacy on behalf of career firefighters with central Government and agencies, the NZ Council of Trade Unions and the wider trade union movement including international forums
  • Limited provision of Group Life/Total and Partial Disability Insurance
  • Nominations of members' representatives as trustees onto the NZFS Superannuation Scheme


Our affiliations

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