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World Health Organisation declares firefighting as carcinogenic to humans

There can now be absolutely no room for controversy or complacency with the World Health Organisation determining firefighting is Group 1A carcinogenic to humans – the highest rating for carcinogenic status.

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Government removes firefighters from Covid-19 vaccination mandate

As of 11.59pm on 7 July 2022 firefighters will no longer be covered by the Covid-19 mandatory vaccination Health Order.

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Across New Zealand, FENZ is failing the community with failing trucks and equipment and dangerously low levels of career firefighters and 111 emergency call centre operators.

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FENZ tries to gag volunteers from commenting on the NZPFU action

Instead of spending his energy getting around the mediation table to resolve the many critical issues, FENZ Deputy National Commander Brendan Nally has been sending out communications wide and far with thinly veiled threatening references to the code of conduct.

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FENZ's ultimatum left no room for bargaining at mediation

The mediation between the NZPFU and FENZ bombed last week with FENZ refusing to discuss any issue other than remuneration.

NZPFU triennial Local elections commence this Tuesday

Electronic voting kicks off at 0900 hours on 21 June for the triennial Local elections for the Locals where the Local Officials and Committee were not elected unopposed.


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