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Loafers Lodge Affidavits

Post the Loafers Lodge fire the NZPFU organised a lawyer to assist members to draft affidavits that could be provided for any internal or external inquiry into the matter. It was obvious there would be coroners hearings, likely criminal charges and various inquiries including a FENZ review. We wanted to ensure our members could collate their information as soon as practicable to the event into an affidavit that could be presented in any inquiry or legal forum. We also wanted to mitigate the harm caused when having to repeatedly recall in detail involvement in traumatic events such as the Loafers Lodge fire.


The Northern Drivers’ Charitable Trust is offering a scholarships to assist union members or their families to assist with training or re-training in any trade, skill or tertiary study.

Employees cannot be compelled to participate in employment investigations

Various NZPFU members have been reporting receiving emails containing a “lawful directive” to participate in employment investigations.  The implication of the email is that those that refuse to participate may be subject to disciplinary action themselves for failing to comply with the “directive”.

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The Report of the Whanaungatanga Wellbeing Survey is grim reading with nearly one in three career firefighters meeting the criteria for one or more mental ill health indicators and Communication Centre dispatchers reporting this highest rates of mental health issues when compared to other roles in the organisation. In addition to the exposures to trauma through emergency response, the survey found only 6.6% career firefighters felt supported by FENZ as an organisation.

Update on Payroll issues, Income Protection Insurance and reimbursements, and Industrial Officer

Members have a range of issues from queries to known errors in their pay and back-pay.  I met with relevant FENZ management late last week to get a picture of what was happening and timelines for resolution.

Psychological Support and Supervision Pilot Launched

An important part of 2023 settlement of the collective agreement - the NZPFU initiated Psychological Support and Supervision Pilot – is now underway.


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