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Friday afternoon FENZ sent out various offers of redeployment to FRMO and DPFRO members.

Message for Firefighters Credit Union members

The NZPFU has been approached by some of our members who are also members of the New Zealand Firefighters Credit Union (FCU) who are concerned an amalgamation proposal with another credit union is being voted on without any information on other options.

NZPFU notifies of a dispute to enforce training travel entitlements

The NZPFU has been getting complaints from members (trainees and trainers) that they are being required to travel to courses outside of their usual hours and are not being paid the correct rate for that travel time.


The NZPFU has given notice to initiate bargaining (attached).

NZPFU advises members it is not in your interests to apply for Manawatu positions

FENZ has advertised firefighter positions in the Manawatu for candidates willing to work in any career position, watch or station.  

10 weeks for FENZ to decide whether to disclose rosters and work of District Managers

FENZ has repeatedly claimed through the disestablishment of Area Managers and the establishment of District and Group Manager positions that only the suitably qualified and experienced will be appointed.


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