We refer Members to the 12th February 2024 notice where we notified members it was not in their interests to respond to the new Code of Conduct.


Members are advised that during a 5th alarm response in Auckland a serious near miss occurred while deploying lengths of 90mm Fireflex stainless banded hose from the hose layer. Lengths of the hose failed with the coupling coming off under pressure leaving the hose flailing about.

On Thursday afternoon FENZ verbally informed the NZPFU that a new code of conduct would be distributed organisation wide today for feedback. The NZPFU immediately objected on the basis that the  code of conduct sets out the standards on which disciplinary action including dismissal can be determined. The security of employment and income is one of the most basic and serious terms of employment for employees.  

As members will be aware, there have been significant delays and challenges in getting the appropriate systems in place or updated to accurately reflect the changes resulted from the collective bargaining settled in December 2022.

President's Blog: Heads up 26

It’s been a while since my last blog, and deliberately so as everyone is suffering some form of fatigue, whether it be working, struggling with payroll issues and post negotiation fatigue, I know it took a lot out of us all. I know I’m feeling it as the year came to an end and the new year starts.