President's Blog: Heads up 17

I very rarely sleep well, in fact I can’t remember the last time I slept through a night. Last night was no exception as I struggled to process the Radio interview on Radio NZ and the harrowing recounting of sexual assaults suffered by 3 Volunteer Women Firefighters at the hands of male Volunteer Firefighters in separate incidents, and the clumsy reply by our CEO.

NZPFU Employment Court hearing

The NZPFU case contesting FENZ’s appointment process for the positions established under Tranche 2 and 2B will be heard in the Employment Court this month.

Please be advised that the following procedure has been agreed to in consultation with the Local and Area Management.

Our district hose layer based at Mount Maunganui Station is a valuable resource for the Bay of Plenty/Coast Fire District. It was secured through collaboration with like minded stakeholders and the determination of various Officers and Firefighters to provide an invaluable operational asset to our community.

FENZ has written to NZPFU acknowledging the contributions our members and representatives made to the Covid-19 response to date. National Commander Kerry Gregory specifically recognises the work of Wellington Local Secretary Alan Collett, Medical Response SME Justin Murtha and Hawkes Bay Local Vice President Warwick Le Quesne for their work with the FENZ Service Delivery Coordination Centre.