Late last week FENZ provided an adjusted offer.  FENZ has not provided all the information we requested and therefore we still do not have full disclosure from FENZ.

The National Committee decided this afternoon that it is now time to start the Local membership information meetings to present FENZ’s responses to all NZPFU claims, and the options now available to the membership.

Each Local, and non-firefighter work groups/classifications, have been asked to provide the National Office key contacts to organise meetings and provide one contact for the industrial action committee. 

These Local membership information meetings will be held by VC at times agreed with each Local to reach as many members as possible.  Holding these membership information meetings by VC will enable us to hold numerous VC meetings at various times over a series of days.

Face to face meetings will then be scheduled for members to vote on the FENZ offer and to vote on any proposed industrial action.

The NZPFU will continue to discuss the issues with the current offer with FENZ including information yet to be received. Members will be notified if any changes result from those discussions prior to the face to face meetings.  

In unity,
Wattie Watson
National Secretary

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Fire Crisis map showing locations of station closures and appliances that FENZ failed to fully crew with sufficient career Firefighters over the last 7 days.

Breaking News

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