NZPFU and NZFS have met for a further two days on Monday 25 & Tuesday 26 May 2015.

Parties talked through a range of matters connected to the bargaining, some of which may form part of a formal settlement of the collective later on. Some of which relate to matters not directly dealt with in the collective agreement, but are associated to the claims raised.

The parties have discussed the workings of the current remuneration review process that was established and recorded in the current collective agreement.

Work has also started on the development of a remuneration framework for Part 3 and Part 4 staff, along similar lines to the work done for Fire Fighters in previous bargaining but taking into account the outcomes of the research and working group established in the last round to consider these areas. The next phase will be to jointly establish appointment and progression criteria for people in these roles, “in principle” subject to the outcome of the wider remuneration review process for the PFU collective agreement.

Also included in discussions were issues relating to the PCA following the outcome of the Working Group established in the last bargaining round to examine the workings and suitability of the current PCA.

The full report of the Working Group will be available in due course, but it can be reported that overall, the PCA has been recognised as broadly fit for purpose in its current form. There is some room for potential improvement as regards the facilities and equipment provided, and in regards the mandate of those conducting the process, particularly vis a vis their wider obligations concerning the safety and wellbeing, or welfare of participants.

It has been confirmed that participation in a practice round is a required component of the PCA, and is compulsory in the year of the PCA itself, prior to undertaking the “official” round. Further, it has been agreed that there should be sufficient opportunity provided for staff to undertake a practice run in the “off year” when the official PCA is not in operation.

In support of this, the parties will consider what equipment should be available in gyms and will undertake an audit of current equipment to ensure it is best matched to the needs of the Fire Fit Programme, which itself will be examined in terms of fitness for purpose given the objectives of the PCA.

Bargaining teams in attendance 25 and 26 May were

Peter Nicolle Hamish More
Derek Best Brett Warwick
Ian Wright Kerry Gregory
Boyd Raines Brendan Nally
Mike Powell Larry Cocker
Greg Lee Chris Wells
Jim Ryburn Richard Dagger
Mike Balmer Bea Goodwin
Brent Single Debbie Moody

Apologies from Steve Turek and Ken Cooper

The bargaining continues next week on Thursday 4 and Friday 5 June.

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