Communications Workers - Ratification of variation to Part 3 of the Collective Agreement

Herewith is the Returning Officer’s Declaration on the above ratification.

The Fire Service has been advised of the ratification and the variation is effective from today’s date.

The result reflects the benefits the variation provides for Comm.Centre members and significantly improves the career structure/path for these members.

Consultation - Fire Safety

The Union, along with the P.S.A. met Fire Service management (Paula Beever, and Michelle Richards) on Friday 1 August to commence the consultation process on the changes proposed by the Fire Service.

Key elements in the Union’s initial response included:

  • Questioned the overall impact of Fire Safety & Evacuation of Building Regulations
  • Questioned the validity of the Internal Audit Report
  • The present rundown of numbers and failure to fill vacancies
  • Problem of recruitment
  • Inadequate training
  • Excessive hours
  • Lack of promotion/career structure
  • Lack of support from management
  • Lack of support and understanding of what Fire Safety Officers presently do
  • A lack of communication
  • Inadequate resourcing

The Union noted that although the Discussion Document raised some of these issues, no answers or solutions were provided.

The Union noted that the proposed Job Descriptions were far too broad a brief. Almost all tasks listed are presently carried out by F.S.O. generally, but it would be unlikely that any individual FSO would carry them all out.

Two emphatic responses were received from members:

  • No change to the Title of Fire Safety Officer
  • An operational background is essential.

Fire Service management accepted that extensive ongoing consultation was necessary to develop the necessary detail and all parties committed to this.

Fire Service management agreed to consider the issues raised by the Union and the P.S.A. and respond accordingly.

Thanks to all Fire Safety members who provided comment back to the Union.

Job Share Pilot

After extensive discussion between the Union and Fire Service arising out of a Collective Agreement Working Party, the Job Share Pilot is about to commence. Full details are attached to this Newsletter.


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