This election is clearly going to be a tight race. The outcome will have significant implications for firefighters.

The only hard evidence anyone has to judge the real intentions of the various Parties is to look at their recent track record.

Firefighters only need to look at the last 15 years of their experience to make this assessment

Don’t forget what happened –

Who was the government when the Employment Contracts Act was introduced? - National

 Who was the government during the ten years of the 1990s wage freeze? – National

Who was the government when CSTs were introduced in 1996? – National

Who was the government when all Firefighters were sacked in 1998? – National

Who was the government that appointed Roger Estall and Doug Martin? – National

Who was the government that supported the Estall/Martin intention to slash Firefighter numbers and crew trucks with 3 or even 2 Firefighters? – National

Who was the government when a Collective Agreement was finally agreed in 2001? Labour

Who was the government when D1 and CSTs were integrated into the Firefighters workforce? – Labour

Who was the government that committed to 4 person crewing of appliances? – Labour

Who was the government when the new Holidays Act was passed that allowed the Union to win its Days in Lieu case? – Labour

Who was the government that repealed the Employment Contracts Act and replaced it with the Employment Relations Act, which allowed Unions to again properly represent their members? – Labour

The record is crystal clear. Firefighters will be better off with Labour.


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This week, Auckland City 206 was removed from service due to a driveshaft issue. Parnell 255 has been away for repair for an extended period. This leaves Auckland with only one 24-year-old “heavy” aerial appliance.

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NZPFU Christchurch Local in conjunction with Christchurch Firefighters Social Club invite NZPFU members to be presented with a 10 year Christchurch earthquake anniversary coin. Social Club Members warmly welcomed to this event.

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The failure of Tauranga 712’s engine on Tuesday has, once again, highlighted the mismanagement of our local FENZ operational fleet. This is to the detriment to the safety of both the Tauranga FENZ Career Professional, Volunteer staff and the public and industry to which we are tasked with protecting.