FENZ has failed to provide their revised position on wage increases and matters they consider as “remuneration and financial responses”.  The NZPFU deadline passed this afternoon.

FENZ provided a meagre offer on wages and their selection of other financial matters for the first time on Wednesday 26 January 2022.  Thursday morning they provided limited references for the basis of their position which the NZPFU was able to pull apart and reject.  FENZ adjourned to consider our response and intended to come back Thursday afternoon which didn’t eventuate.  They then said they were seeking approvals and intended to have a revised financial offer to the bargaining teams on Monday 31 January at 3pm.  

FENZ Deputy Chief Executive People Brendan Nally requested a meeting with the National President and Secretary on Monday afternoon where he said they were in the process of getting approvals for an amended financial offer and would provide one by the end of the week.  The NZPFU made it very clear that this was not acceptable.  Shortly afterwards the NZPFU had a meeting with National and Local representatives to discuss FENZ’s explanation that they needed more time.   The NZPFU had informed FENZ that 3pm today Friday was the deadline.

Chris Wells attended a NCOM meeting by video conference this afternoon stating he had worked all week to get the necessary approvals but had not succeeded as more changes were being made. He followed up with this email:

Hi Wattie

Thanks for the chance to update NCOM.  Since we met last Thursday in bargaining, and following the discussion with yourself and Ian on Monday, the Fenz bargaining team have been working through some options to revise the remuneration and financial proposal we have on the table.

We have made good progress in terms of our authorisation and approvals processes, but in the time available have not yet achieved the final sign off necessary from ELT to deliver a revised proposal today.   As I said we expect to be able to produce a revised offer on Tuesday, for the bargaining teams consideration, once final approval is given.


Chris Wells
Chief Advisor Key Relationships

The hold-up is the FENZ Executive Leadership Team – Rhys Jones, Raewyn Bleakley, Daryl Purdy, Russell Wood, Brendan Nally and Kerry Gregory.

The NCOM is disgusted they are not willing to hold a video conference, phone conference or even approve by email the offer they are considering.  ELT will not forfeit or encroach on their Friday afternoon, their weekend or their Waitangi Day leave on Monday in order to respect NZPFU members and deliver on previous commitments.

In contrast the National Committee gathered within 30 minutes notice this afternoon and has done so regularly and repeatedly over the course of the bargaining in every effort to get the bargaining moving.

The NZPFU NCOM and Locals will meet by video conference on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the NZPFU position.    

There will then be membership meetings to discuss the NZPFU response to the FENZ financial offer made to date.  

In unity,

National President Ian Wright
National Secretary Wattie Watson
National Vice President Joseph Stanley

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