NZPFU members are taking lawful industrial action when not complying with the latest notice issued by FENZ as the NZPFU strike notice expressly includes non- compliance with any such policy or rule.

Today FENZ issued a National Notice informing staff that “writing, drawing, painting, stickers or otherwise applying words or pictures to Fire and Emergency property (including uniform)” would not be tolerated and could result in disciplinary action.

In doing so, FENZ has issued a rule which comes within the notified strike notice which expressly includes “union members will not comply with any policy of FENZ which prohibits public statements or public actions which reflect negatively on FENZ in relation to the collective bargaining or embarrasses FENZ in relation to the collective bargaining.  This would include non-compliance with any policy or rule which prohibits visible union badges, union clothing or union signage or placards of flags”.

It will be unlawful for FENZ to discipline anyone undertaking lawful industrial action and would constitute discrimination on the basis of union activities.

It is disgraceful that FENZ is threatening members with disciplinary action for undertaking lawful industrial action.  FENZ issued the notice directly to members and did not send it or any similar correspondence to the Union.  

NZPFU members are covered by the bargaining and therefore have the protection of lawful strike action.  The NZPFU initiated bargaining for all ranks of Firefighters and Officers, comms centre members, VSOs, Trainers, CRR and RR advisors and senior advisors, CRMs, GMs, Senior Specialist Fire Investigators, Welfare Officers; and Health, Safety and Wellbeing advisors coordinators, and a range of management and specialist positions.  If you are a NZPFU member and unsure if your position is covered by the bargaining please contact the National Secretary.

In unity,
Wattie Watson
National Secretary

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