The NZPFU is still not satisfied that the offers of re-deployment of CRR Advisor and Senior Advisor Risk Reduction or Community Risk and Recovery Roles comply with the collective agreement, FENZ’s own policies or legislative requirements.  We have notified of a dispute and reminded FENZ that we are now in bargaining and these matters are subject to bargaining.

Unfortunately FENZ’s failure to meet with us or provide us with their draft letters of offers before they were made, and then failing to send us the drafts before re-issuing the letters of offer,  has resulted in repeated errors and challenges that could and should have been avoided.  FENZ’s handling of the offers of re-deployment is well below standard, particularly for an organisation of its size and resources. 

One of the more bizarre issues is FENZ expecting employees to accept offers of redeployment when FENZ cannot articulate when it expects to stand-up those positions.  Employees are being pressured to accept the positions under tight timeframes when FENZ doesn’t even have a timeframe for when the position will exist!  Our members are united in working together to ensure they are all being treated fairly and reasonably.  We are also united with PSA members.  The NZPFU and PSA have written to the National Commander seeking a joint meeting with the National Commander to resolve the outstanding issues, including applicable salary, to ensure fairness and consistency. 

The NZPFU and our affected members have been regularly meeting (almost daily) by VC to discuss the issues and update on progress with discussions with FENZ.  Our affected members are stressed and frustrated.   In November 2020 we notified FENZ that 83% of our FRMO members felt not valued or highly undervalued and 75% were unsupported or highly unsupported, and the 86% had found the restructure process unfair.    I can imagine if we repeated that survey now those figures would be even more damaging.

Restructure is inherently stressful but this process has been particularly tortuous for our members, and it is ongoing.   Please reach out to our members going through the restructure and be understanding of the impact of this situation on their health and welfare.   If anyone needs any support they can contact their Local, the National Union or their manager.  Please do not struggle alone – your union and your comrades are here to support you.

In unity,
Wattie Watson
National Secretary

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