Members will be aware that there are two new Strike Notices under notice at this time. They are both due to come into force on the 5th October 2011 at 08:00 hours. The ramifications for members are listed below.

  1. A ban on the sending of Sitrep messages.
    This is self‐explanatory and is just as it says. Union members will not transmit any “Sitrep” messages. This will not compromise the safety of crews or members of the public. In any event, if you require the attendance of a Commander or anything or anyone else you have the ability to request that attendance by priority message.

  2.  A ban on sending Stop messages.
    This also is self‐explanatory, no Stop Messages will be sent. After the completion of the call all that is required is a “K4” and then a “K7”.

  3. A ban on end of shift reporting.
    This is a Comcen ban and applies to those members working in Comcens.

  4. A ban on collecting statistics.
    This is also a Comcen ban and applies to those members working in Comcens.

  5. A ban on exceptions reporting.
    This is a Comcen ban and applies to those members working in Comcens.

  6. A ban on updating and processing of fire systems inoperative event notifications.
    This is a Comcen ban and applies to those members working in Comcens.

However, this will have implications for operational staff. What this effectively means is notifications of sprinklered buildings, which may be having maintenance on the system or a shutdown, will no longer be processed. Therefore, when a PFA call is received in the Comcentre, and because there is no knowledge of the building or the sprinkler system status, the Comcentre will do one of the following activities:

a. The sprinkler investigation response will immediately be upgraded by the Shift Manager to a first alarm turnout in the absence of information detailing the status of the system;

b. The Comcen Dispatcher will advise the first responding appliance per radio that “we have no information on the status of the sprinklers in the building – confirm you require a first alarm response turned out?”

Officers will be required to advise in the affirmative when the Comcentre are requesting a first alarm response.

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