Members will be aware of the dispute the Auckland Local has had with Management over the use of these cheap, inferior Giti J - Rated tyres on fire appliances. This resulted in an alert to members in the NTM published on 18 June 2018 under "Tyres".

The Auckland Local has since received legal advice from the NZ Police's Commercial Vehicle Safety Team, the policing and prosecuting authority on all matters involving commercial vehicles.

The advice confirms the Local's position on the issue; that is, these J rated tyres are not fit for purpose on our fire appliances. It is, in fact, illegal to exceed the speed rating of 100kph of these J rated tyres, regardless of the axle loadings which FENZ's Fleet Management has tried to argue otherwise.

The advice also clearly puts liability on drivers if they exceed the speed rating of tyres under any circumstances, including emergency response. Management has been informed of the advice from Police and is working on a long term solution.

In the meantime, the Local again reinforces its position as stated in its previous NTM on the matter. That is:

Members are instructed to inspect the tyres on their appliance including the inside dual and if any are found to be Giti branded J - Rated tyres, Carters are to be notified immediately to replace them with the proper rated tyres. If, for any reason, no proper rated tyres are available, the appliance is to be returned to the workshop and exchanged with a relief appliance with complying tyres.