This is to inform members that the Auckland Local Committee met last Wednesday 11 April to discuss the proposed settlement of the Collective Agreement.

Northern Branch Secretary Boyd Raines explained the rationale behind the National Committee’s recommendation of the contract. We were told that the intention is to “protect” us, as the employer can now offer us individual contracts. This is also viewed as being the best we can get at this stage.

The only material provided to the committee was a New Zealand Fire Service document entitled Flexible Rostering. The committee wanted to know what we (the Union) had asked for during the bargaining process.

After receiving the material provided, the Auckland Local unanimously passed the following:“The Auckland Local Committee, having reviewed all material available pertaining to the proposed CEA, and having heard a report from Negotiating Team Member Boyd Raines, strongly recommends that the current offer be rejected by the Auckland membership of the NZPFU.”

The reasons for this recommendation to vote “NO”:

  • The working party is a ‘done deal’. The first meeting is to be by 30 April.
  • Vacancies will be advertised as “Reliever" vacancies and only made available to recruits, but they will not take up their relieving duties until after 3 years (promotion to QFF).
  • There is nothing in the proposal that has come from the Union. The entire document has been dictated by Fire Service H.R.
  • This is casualization of the paid staff by another name.
  • There is no financial incentive to give away your ability to earn extra wages through overtime and no replacement of those lost wages with a decent pay rise.
  • The pay rise is well below the rate of inflation. The new National Commander/Chief Executive received 5% just for walking through the door.

There has been a significant amount of talk expressing disappointment and disillusionment with the National Committee of the NZPFU. There was a discussion at this meeting with regard to a vote of ‘no confidence’ in the National Committee, however, it was decided that this was not an appropriate time to further this discussion and that it should be raised at a later meeting.

It is imperative that members attend the ratification meetings and have their say. The Local has attempted to have the meetings moved out of the school holiday period but to no avail.

Members can sign in upon arrival at the venues of the ratification meetings, get their ballot, and vote at any time.

It is vital that YOU attend.

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Due to the recent resignation of the Taupo Local Secretary, nominations are hereby called for this position in accordance with the Rules of the New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union.

Election of Northcom Representative - Auckland Local Committee

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