Nominations are called for the positions of President, Vice-President and Secretary for each of the Northern, Central and Southern Branches.

A copy of the Nomination Form to be used and the NZPFU Charter is available for download and is also available on the NZPFU website under Resources, files for download.

Copies of the call for nominations, nomination forms and the NZPFU Charter will also be sent out by the Branch Returning Officers:  

Northern Branch Returning Officer:        Grant Mitcheson     

Central Branch Returning Officer:           Bob Wills-Rawlings           

Southern Branch Returning Officer:        Richard Hurst-Long 

Completed nomination forms must be received by the relevant Branch Returning Officer by 5pm on 31 May 2020.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions the nomination forms may be returned electronically to the relevant Branch Returning Officer. 

Please ensure that all members are aware that nominations are called, and the elections are overseen by the Returning Officer.

Please forward all nominations to the relevant Branch Returning Officer:

  • All nomination must include the completed attached nomination form with Candidate, Proposer and Seconder details with the Candidate’s signature agreeing to abide by the NZPFU Charter.
  • The Nominee, Proposer and Seconder must be current financial members of the NZPFU.
  • The nominee/candidate may provide a biography with their nomination form.  The biography must not exceed one side of an A4 sheet of paper and may include a photograph or artwork.  The biography will be published to members prior to voting. 

Members were notified last week that the voting for the Branch elections will be a national electronic trial. 

It is important that all Members ensure they provide their correct email address so that they can participate in this secure electronic voting process.  

  • We request all members provide their personal email address to if you have not already done so.  Please make sure this is done promptly.
  • If you do not have a personal email address please send your FENZ email address.   

The Wellington and Auckland administration staff will be in contact with Local Officials to ensure the membership list with email contacts are correct.  

Please refer to for more information on the NZPFU Conference decision, the scope of the trial, and relevant information including a FAQ and a report of the 2019 Auckland Local Committee Election that was the first electronic trial.  We will be updating members and providing more information leading up to the election.

In unity,
Wattie Watson
National Secretary


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