NZPFU priority is to preserve jobs if mandatory vaccination order implemented

We have still not received any confirmation from Government of the scope and impact of any pending mandatory vaccination orders.  The NZPFU National Committee met this afternoon to discuss the issues that would arise if an applicable mandatory vaccination order was implemented, and the various scenarios our members would face.  We will have a teleconference at 3.30pm tomorrow with Local representatives to discuss those issues.

Our members can be assured the NZPFU will work to preserve our members’ jobs,  including where necessary working with FENZ to identify appropriate alternative options and roles to maintain employment.

  • If you have been vaccinated there is nothing to do until we have the information on any applicable mandatory order.
  • If you are intending to be vaccinated then arrange to be vaccinated now.
  • If you are considering being vaccinated then we strongly suggest you arrange to be vaccinated now.
  • If you think you need medical advice before being vaccinated then get that advice now.  
  • If you think you may eligible for an exemption on medical grounds then make an appointment with your medical practitioner now to prepare for the possibility of having to provide written confirmation from a suitably qualified practitioner who has examined you. 
  • If you have other reasons you are not vaccinated please prepare for the possibility a mandatory vaccination order will cover the work you do.  This may include reconsidering your vaccination status, or preparing for your vaccination status being provided to your employer.  Please contact the union if you want to discuss your situation.  It would be helpful to know who and how many might be needing union support and representation for their particular circumstances if a mandatory order affected their work.  Until we have the detail of any Government Order and the application to your role we will not be able to provide specific advice.

We remind everyone that nothing has changed yet in the workplace.  Until an applicable Government Order is issued all work is continuing as it has been and in accordance with safe systems of work including Covid-19 protocols and PPE.  This will be an evolving situation until we are fully informed of the scope and application of any Government Order and the impact on our members.  

Please consider the stress this uncertainty this situation will be creating for some, including those that have family members that may be covered by a mandatory vaccination order.  This is not the time to pre-empt the effect of an unknown Government Order.  Please avoid division discussions.  We need to support one another to get through these extraordinary times.

For those under stress please do not struggle alone.  If you need support please contact your union representative, or access other options for health and wellbeing support including those offered by FENZ.  

In unity,
Wattie Watson
National Secretary

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