NZPFU strike action 19th August 2022

In preparation of the planned stoppage on the above date, all members are to familiarise themselves with this notice.

All members are encouraged to participate in the strike action, whilst the local committee understands that some members have commitments outside of FENZ, on this occasion it is important that you make every effort to support the interests of the NZPFU. On the day of the strike action, off-duty members will assemble at Tauranga station, no later than 10.45am. At 11.00am all on duty crews will exit the station ensuring you leave your pagers on station, followed by off duty members and support crew (family and friends who may wish to support) to the following location:

Corner of Cameron and Elizabeth Streets

On exiting the station through appliance bay doors, station traffic lights will be operating.

Red watch duty crews will wear level 2 bunker coats, Black watch and off duty members to wear RED tee shirts. Placards and signs will be encouraged.

Conduct and NZPFU messages

All members are asked to conduct themselves in a positive and professional manner, whilst we have a number of grievances with FENZ, this action is not to be used for personal attacks. Members are asked to stick to the messages that we have been putting out through social media, mainstream media and our station and truck signage. Feel free to construct banners or signs that portray these messages.  

I have had an assurance from Tauranga management that out station crews are able to bring trucks into city station at this time.

On duty crews must ensure you are back on station and available for turnout at 12:00 hours sharp. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact myself or Karne. 

in Unity,
Mike Swanson
Tauranga Local Secretary

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