Central Branch Vice President Declaration

In accordance with the Rules of the New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union INC, I am obliged to inform you that in accordance with Rule B 11.7, I declare Peter Jack Harwood duly elected, unopposed for the position of Central Branch Vice President.

Bob Wills-Rawlings
Central Branch Returning Officer

3 August 2019


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360 Reviews

The Local has become aware of some District management people asking Union members to fill out a 360 degree feedback review on them. Members are reminded that there was a recommendation from the National Union to Union members not to partake in any such feedback process.

405/408 Dispute

The Auckland Local met on Friday with FRM Butt and AFRM Binning to attempt to resolve the dispute over the unilateral alteration of workload and the comparisons of work of officers and stations being carried out in some Districts.

Accepted Practices

Recently there have been instances of members departing from accepted operational practices for various reasons