Roll Out Of New Drager - B.A.

The Fire service has made it clear that they have adopted a “Total Care” approach to the maintenance of the new B.A. and they have contracted to Drager accordingly.

The Fire Service consequently has made it clear they have no need now for certified/trained B.A. Technicians as the maintenance is to be contracted out to Drager.

As with any of these schemes management draws up, obvious problems are now becoming apparent. So‐called “minor repairs” are now to be undertaken by firefighters, and not necessarily those who are trained/certified.

The Union’s position is very clear and has been communicated strongly to management:

  • No repairs/maintenance of the new B.As is to be done by members;
  • In any event, any repairs, services or testing of B.As can only be done by a Certified B.A. Maintenance Technician.

Union's Submission On National Headquarters Restructure

As members will be aware, National Headquarters is undergoing another restructure. The Union was asked to provide feed back and the Union’s comments are reproduced below for members’ information.

22 August 2012

Bill Butzbach
Director Strategic Development
N.Z. Fire Service
P.O. Box 2133

Dear Bill,

In response to your e‐mail of 14 August 2012, the Union responds as follows:

a) The Union does not intend to make any substantive comment on these proposals as the Union’s experience is that little or no notice is taken of any comment from it.

b) Nevertheless, the Union makes the following brief comment:
There is a complete lack of focus on what should occur – that is – National Headquarters is supposed to support front‐line operational firefighters or maybe the Union is completely wrong on this and in fact the reality is the other way around.

c) Who is supposed to review and consider any “feedback” received? In any event, “feedback” is hardly proper consultation.

d) An outcome of the proposal is that NHQ continues to be bigger than any Operational Brigade and is further evidence that whoever is making the decisions, has completely lost any clear focus on why the Fire Service exists.

e) The proposals further remove the operational wing of the Service from decision making. Maybe the final objective is to remove the operational wing altogether. That would make things easier for Human Resources, Finance, Procurement, Fleet, P.R., Change Managers, Business Administrators, Audit, Strategy & Performance, Change Management, Business Solutions, Spatial Intelligence, Spectrum and Network Administrators, Database, Administrators, Legal Advisors, Organizational Development and no doubt many more.

f) Roll on the next re‐structure – next year?

Yours sincerely,



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