S.M.S. Payment – P.C.A. Payment

The Union is advised that both these payments will be made on Payday 23 May 2007. 

Collective Agreement – Proposed Negotiated Settlement

Since the last NTM, updated details are now confirmed.

1. Backdated Days in Lieu

As previously advised, agreement was reached on a 50% provision of the days under dispute from 1 April 2004 – 1 April 2007. The Union’s calculations have been confirmed by Audit N.Z., and consequently the figure of 12 days has been established as the number of days owed for someone who has worked the full period 1 April 2004 – 1 April 2007.

As the previous NTM noted, pro-rataing is provided for those who have not worked the full three years, at the rate of 1 day for each completed 3 months of service.

2. Average Call-Back Costs if accrued days are sold

A calculation of average Call-Back costs calculated on the basis of the payment for a Call-Back – Day Shift/Night Shift/Penal Rate Shift and then averaged as a 12 hour day. The payment rates are calculated as:

Rank  Driver  Amount 
Firefighter  Nil  $257.78 
“  $261.73 
“  $267.73 
Qual. Firefighter  Nil  $326.76 
“   $331.04 
“  1   $337.44 
Senior Firefighter   Nil   $339.99 
“   2   $343.82 
“  1   $350.25 
Station Officer   $369.22 
“   $375.62 
Sen. Station Officer   2   $383.61 
“   1   $390.06 

A process for those who wish to sell the accrued days will be developed.

3. General Issues

  • As noted in the previous NTM, full details of all aspects of the proposal will be established before ratification meetings take place. This will be particularly so in regard to the Days in Lieu litigation, TAPs and NRAM.

    The Union expects this detail will resolve many of the speculative concerns that have 
    quite rightly been raised.

  • The proposal for mileage reimbursement is on the basis of this reimbursement being tax-free. 

  • The intention of the Working Party to look at what appliances should fall under the Grade 1 Definition is an exercise to expand the type of appliances that are specific as Grade 1. Any restriction or backward step would affect the definitions presently in the C.A. and this would not be agreed to.

  • Any change to the present Days in Lieu provision – whether as a result of a successful Supreme Court decision – or a negotiated settlement – require an amendment to the Collective Agreement.

  • The 4% backdated to 1 January 2007 and a further 4% from 1 January 2008 must be seen in the context of a CPI increase of 2.5% for the March 2006 – March 2007 year with an expectation that with the next release of the CPI figures on 16 July 2007, it is very likely there will be another fall.

  • The 4% from 1 January 2007 must also be considered in the context of the previous 6 months increase. For the 6 month period 1 July 2006 – 1 January 2007, the cumulative increase is close to 6.2%. Over the 30 months of the two settlements, the cumulative increase 1 July 2006 to 1 January 2008 is close to 10.5%.

  • This increase compares very favourably with other recent settlements and every claim (not settlement) that has recently become public – e.g. Secondary School Teachers.

  • Some comments have been made regarding the Laboratory Workers dispute. The Union’s understanding is that after many months of negotiation and significant industrial action (i.e. walking off the job), the offer presently to them is around 8.2% over 39 months.

The Union Committee again advises members that questions/queries be directed to the Union Office where your questions will be provided for. The Union Committee also reminds of the Policy regarding conducting Union business on the Fire Service e-mail. Much of this is based on incorrect information and speculation. The facts should be established before making definitive comment.

Full updates will be provided when available. Ratification meetings will be organized for around 3-4 weeks time

Fire Service Hours of Work Policy

The new Policy is obviously causing difficulties in those localities where it is being taken notice of.

Particular problems arise with the use of a 9 day period, whereas the roster pattern represents every 8 days.

The Union Committee’s recommendation to members is that the new Policy be ignored – as is happening in many localities.

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