Further to the NTM dated 01/03/11 a meeting was held today with Local management and Welfare officials, to enable the Union to be briefed on developments to date.

The following points were canvassed:


  • The ‘Benevolent fund’ is being utilized by members and should you require further information on the fund, do not hesitate to contact Welfare on 3713647. Members are also reminded of the Government agencies they can approach to help with the recovery of their families and properties. Namely NZ Red Cross (Emergency and Hardship grant), WINZ (Earthquake Job Loss Cover) for partners who have had employment impaired, Civil Defense payments to Evacuees and Adverse Event payment to Hosts for accommodation (WINZ) to name a few.
  • Read Mike Balmer’s NTM ‘Kia Ka Ha Christchurch Earthquake’.
  • Laundry facilities for members and their families, compromised by the quake, have been made available on City Station. And if families need showering facilities please do not hesitate to use your stations.
  • Look after each other out there, and if you are worried about a member of your crew do something about it.

Damaged Homes

  • Final numbers are still being tallied but upwards of 50 member’s homes severely damaged or written off.

Woolston Station

  • Three engineering reports have deemed the station habitable, however management will provide alternative sleeping accommodation, and this option is being finalized.
  • Portacoms to replace the Office

City Station

  • The NZPFU has stressed that members are adamant that they want to continue operations from this station, management are in agreement and, alternative accommodation options being looked at, with a plan being formulated and implemented.
  • The NZPFU expects to have input and be consulted fully on this issue.


  • Members are averaging 82 hours a shift, and this is proving manageable, with an ideal being 76 hours a shift.
  • Two Officers and one firefighter are being rotated through from outside the district to help manage the hours and MSM.
  • The Officer group is proving problematic in maintaining the intensity of callback numbers, as many have been assigned particular roles taking them off shift i.e.: Rosters, Incident management and Equipment supply to name a few. This is putting pressure on the Officer Group overtime and the possibility of bringing in more Officers from around the country is being looked at. However, I stress that management have stated that where Christchurch Officers can do the overtime, they will in all cases be asked first. Rosters will monitor this, and if the situation changes let the Union know.

The NZPFU is impressed with the cooperation shown so far between Management, Welfare and the Union in this seminal event for the city of Christchurch, and we will endeavor to maintain that cooperation for the benefit of our members and especially their families.

Look after each other and be safe!

Should members have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mike Balmer or myself.

Denis Fitzmaurice
NZPFU Southern Branch
PH: 027 2287682
Mike Balmer
Christchurch Local
PH: 021 1404930

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