Please be advised that the following procedure has been agreed to in consultation with the Local and Area Management: 

When filling Officer and Firefighter vacancies in Areas 3, 4 & 5 the following procedure should apply.

1. Internal Area Station Vacancies

Vacancies for Internal positions (within the Area that the vacancy exists) will be filled utilizing the Station preference process and recruit placement.  Vacant positions relate to the station only, however the preference form will ask for you to include watches as part of your selection. [Please see portal for link to form]

Candidates, from the Area where the vacancies are advertised, will be the only ones considered for any internal Area station vacancies.

The station preference system will allow the filling of current vacancies, and then the cascaded vacancies that are subsequently generated.  Therefore, staff should submit a preference based on ALL stations in Area they desire, even if no vacancy currently exists.  Many stations have operational requirements which override service and rank.

With an agreed station preference system operating there is no requirement to notify every vacancy as it arises. [CEA 5.6.3 section 1(ii)].  It is important to understand that if a station preference form has not been submitted, staff will NOT be considered for transfer to any position that subsequently becomes available during the cascade. 

Appointments will be selected by referring to Section 3,Criteria for Transfer or Appointment 5.6.3 Collective Agreement.

Internal Area station vacancies will normally be advertised four times a year February, May, August and November.

Management reserve the right to advertise positions outside of these selected months in consultation with the Local NZPFU Executive.

A local representative will be available to assist on the selection panel to provide input into the ranking and selection process.

Area Management also has the ability to reserve a station for a Recruit for operational requirements.

Only those that apply will be eligible for movement.

2. Transfers across Area 3,4 and 5 

Firefighters and Officers from Area’s 3,4 and 5 will be eligible for across Area transfers, including from those within the Area where the vacancy exists. 

The successful candidates will then be selected as per the Transfers and Appointment Policy in the CEA. [Section 3 Criteria for Transfer or Appointment 5.6.3 Collective Employment Agreement]

NOTE – staff applying for in-Area vacancies will be treated equally with staff from other Auckland Areas.

Across Area vacancies will be advertised on the portal via a Regional Notice every 6 months (March and September) with the selection process as per the CEA. 5.6.3.  

Applications will be for an advertised position and made on the Application for Transfer form [Please see portal for link to standard transfer form].

New vacancies that occur between the close off of the previous internal Area transfers and the close off of the current across boundary transfers, will NOT be included in the round of across boundary transfers.

3. National Transfers for Firefighters 

Once a year in October all firefighter vacancies across Areas 3, 4 and 5 will be advertised to ALL staff Nationally on the Portal Vacancy Notices and filled using the selection process as per the CEA. 5.6.3.  

Only vacancies left over from the previous round of across boundary transfers will be advertised nationally.

NOTE - Officer promotions continue to follow the National process.

4. Recruits

Recruits will normally graduate and be subsequently posted to stations throughout Areas 3, 4 and 5, four times a year, April, July, September and December.

Area management reserve the right to tag recruits into suitable vacancies as they arise as per the CEA. 5.6.3.  Every attempt would be made to place existing staff at preferred stations over recruits.

5. Area Relievers

For consistency ‘Base station’ will be defined as the closest 24 hour station to their home within their area. Existing relievers will be grandfathered should they wish to remain at their current stations. This means that relievers will be paid from their “base station” for mileage rates and the greater of the prescribed travel time or the actual time taken to travel to other stations.

6. Station Relievers

Station Relievers will have the closest station within their relieving cycle to their home as their base station. Existing relievers will be grandfathered should they wish to remain at their current stations. This means that relievers will be paid from their “base station” for mileage rates and the greater of the prescribed travel time or the actual time taken to travel to other stations.

Spare Leave Cycles: When a Station Reliever is relieving on a spare leave cycle they effectively become an Area Reliever for the duration and can claim travel from the closest 24hr station to their home within their Area.

7. Area Relievers/Station Relievers

Area Relievers and Station Relievers will have first rights to any permanent position at their home station over staff from outside their station. If there are two or more Relievers at one station, then the person with the most appropriate skills; then most time in rank;will get the position.

8. Home and Base Station

Home Station is the station you are based at on SMS and defined by Management on your employment status form (ESA). 

Base Station for Area Relievers is the closest 24hr Station to your home within your Area and for Station Relievers is the closest 24hr Station to your home that you relieve at.

9. SSO’s will encourage the movement of staff as part of their development, particularly SO qualified SFF.

10. Compassionate and mutual transfers are not part of this procedure and will continue to be considered on a case by case basis.

This Procedure will be reviewed annually by both parties.

AM Richard Twomey, Chair Te Hiku Personnel Group
AAM Shaun Thornton (Area 3)
AAM Roger Callister (Area 4)
AAM John Booth (Area 5)

Sulu Devoe, Auckland Local President
Jeff Shrimpton, Vice President
Martin Campbell, Secretary

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