On Wednesday 31 October Senior Union Officials – Ian Wright, Graeme Gilroy (Norm) and Derek Best flew to Auckland to meet with Sulu Devoe.

Obviously some critical matters must remain confidential but the demands made by Sulu as a precondition to the meeting, were met by the Union.

The Union made it very clear, that It sees Sulu Devoe’s situation as different to that of John Waldow. 

So it was disappointing that John Waldow was present at the meeting – along with Martin Campbell.

Given John Waldow’s initial approach was to refuse to shake hands saying ‘don’t fucken touch me,’ this did not suggest a successful outcome.

During the meeting Sulu made it clear he accepted no responsibility or accountability for where things presently are at – it was all someone else’s fault.

He also made it clear that a pre-condition for any discussion was that he must be unconditionally reinstated (along with John Waldow to his position).

Interestingly however despite being repeatedly asked he would not answer whether he actually wanted to resume membership of the Union – that is whether he wanted the Union to reinstate his membership.

This appeared to be in the context of the attempts in Auckland to form a Scab Union.

After around 30-35 minutes Sulu Devoe simply stormed out of the meeting along with John Waldow and Martin Campbell. (despite allegations to the contrary Sulu was not called or accused of being a Scab).

This obviously was disappointing to the Union who had contributed significant financial resources and time to attempting to resolve the current situation.

Anyone who has been in a Dispute situation must realise that it is only through discussion and conciliation that a resolution can be achieved.

Making take it or leave it demands does not at all suggest a genuine attempt to resolve issues – very disappointing.