Members will be aware that some changes have been made to the insurance scheme.

Some time ago, the rate members paid went up from $5.80 to $11.32. All existing members were subsidized to that new amount and all new members started paying that amount.

The Union paid in excess of 100,000.00 in subsidies during the last two years.

The new amount was to increase to $16.52 from 1st April 2012. This was on the basis of an estimate from the insurance company including a full profit share.

Unfortunately, the Pay Office incorrectly increased the deduction from members pay for the last 5 pays. The sum deducted was $16.52 whereas it should have been $10.64.

We have been in discussion with the pay office and the best fix would appear that, as members have already paid $99.12 up to and including the pay due 13th June, after 10 pays, under the new rates members would expect to pay 106.40, therefore, members will not be deducted any amount for insurance for pays 7, 8 and 9 and then at pay 10 will pay $7.28, this being the difference from $99.12 and $106.40.

This is not withstanding that members will be required to sign and fax off the new pay deduction form they will receive via e mail and from Union Reps.

Members should also be advised that the form has changed and allows for the Union Committee to approve changes to deduction rates exactly in the same way Union fee changes are deducted. Of course, if the scheme becomes too expensive in the future, the union may remove the scheme. Again, it will not be the Union that changes the price of coverage, but market prices set by insurance companies.

The new form can be found below this notice.

There has obviously been an unfortunate delay between getting forms signed and making new deductions, the Union was reliant on the broker informing us earlier to enable us to be more responsive.

The Schemes brokers went out and received prices to continue the scheme at its current head sum rate of 100,000.00 for (Total and Permanent Disability) TPD and Death.

The new rate effective from April 2012 is now $10.64 and this is for 3 years. This is the best rate our brokers can obtain in today’s market and prices are set by the insurance companies.

The scheme is now a non profit‐share scheme now. In the past our scheme was a full profit‐share which meant if there were only a few claims, then the Union would get a share of money back, this will not be the case now.

Members will be receiving an updated pay deduction form from their Union rep or via e mail, (and will be available online via which you will then be required to fill out and fax back to the fire service pay office a.s.a.p. to ensure you remain covered.

Old Deduction: $5.80 (or $11.32 for newer members)
New Deduction: $10.64


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