Welcome to the first Wellington Local Newsletter, this document is not intended to replace Local Notices, but has been brought about by the need for the committee to be able to get general information to its members, with a more general interest feel to it.

A few up dates for you.


There has been some movement of late in committee member positions, with the resignations in recent months of Joe Murphy, Paul Smith, and Malcolm Hodgson. Firstly the committee wishes to formally thank these members for their contributions to the local over the past years, as we will all agree the position of a Station Rep can not only be very rewarding but can also be somewhat time consuming, so once again gentlemen we thank you for your input to the Local.

The committee would like to welcome Hamish Rankine and Alan Collett as our latest members of the committee, Hamish brings with him many years of local membership and has had many years of previous committee membership. Alan brings a new vibe to the table and although new to the comings and goings of the local, he has the thought patterns of the newer generation firefighter. Both of these members contributions to the local will be very welcome.

Your station PFU reps are as follows:

J/Ville, Porirua Paul Lahina / John Rowe
Brooklyn/Thorndon Alan Collett
Karori Steve Field
City Mike Thomason
Kilbirnie Rob Hutchison
Newtown Glenn Hudson
Paraparaumu Steve Hudson
Hutt Fire District all Stations Alex Dittmer / Hamish Rankine

The contact phone numbers of the above are posted on the NZPFU/Wellington Local Home page www.nzpfu.org.nz

Also listed are the private email addresses of the Wellington Executive.

Rugby World Cup 2011

Considerable work has been undertaken over the past 6 months in regard to the involvement with the RWC for both pool games and semi final games in Wellington.

The Local saw no advantage in removing our involvement in the RWC due to the current industrial action.

It must be noted however that the Wellington Local is but one of many locals around the country, and therefore any decisions made by the local are done so with the National NZPFU blessing, the RWC was no different, despite what may have been suggested in some electronic forums.

A full detail of the locals involvement in the RWC will be given at the upcoming AGM.

Social Media

As social media now seems to be the way that many members in society gain their information, one could suggest that many of our members are no different.

However, in the current industrial climate it is timely to remind members that social media is just that. Facebook sites such as the NZFS, and the current NZFS protest lobby group have absolutely no affiliation with the NZPFU, either locally or Nationally, therefore comments made on such sites are not to be taken as any form of PFU policy until endorsed by a National Notice. Members must also be mindful that, defamation law still applies to postings made on the internet.

NZPFU Rule books

These have been promulgated to every station within the Local.

Wellington Local AGM

As you will be aware the Local AGM for August was postponed, new dates for the AGM are as follows.

4th October Johnsonville Rugby Club. Helston Rd, Johnsonville at 0930 Hrs

5th October Petone Rugby Club.Udy St, Petone at 0930 Hrs

Your attendance at either of these meetings is encouraged as it is a good opportunity to have your say and to ask any questions that may pertain to you. For the newer members wondering whether it is worthwhile attending? the answer is a resounding yes!, talk to the members on your station and get their feedback, it is your union too.

NZPFU Text Service

If you have not signed up for this service, you are encouraged to do so, there is no cost, and it is a great way for the local to get current information to members as soon as it becomes available, the local intends on using this service more often. It is available by following the links on the bottom of the NZPFU web site listed above. If you are signed up, please encourage members on your station to sign up also.

News and Views from round the Hutt

A few things going on at the moment, Peter Bean is retiring at the end of the year, and while Henry Stechman has been away for a hip op, Bruce Stubbs has been filling his spot. Turns out Bruce isn’t staying long as he has picked up a job in Invercargill.

Of major concern to those of us on the floor, is Janette Falleni leaving us several weeks ago. She has had such an influence in the Hutt District with her tireless efforts helping to keep the boat afloat. Her presence and smile is sorely missed and we all wish her well with her new job!

Looks like the proposed truck movements between Avalon/Porirua have been canned for the moment, seems that there’s no money left to sort the station changes required at Porirua.

Welcome back to Peter Laws (shoulder) Martin Sparrow(elbow) and ta ta (hopefully in the short term) to Suzette (belly full of arms and legs!!)

Welcome also to our newest recruits, Tom Keil (Reds Trentham) and Tim Cottier (Blues Hutt), and also Josh Smits (Reds Porirua)

As this is the first newsletter, I’m hoping that I can get feedback from the members as to what’s happening round the area and also from our country cousins over the hill in Masterton!

If anyone has anything to add (from a general view), regarding transfers, hatches, matches or dispatches, or general gossip, feel free to contact me at Avalon Greens 5778380, 021 100 3645 or hamish.rankine@gmail.com.

Please remember your thoughts may be edited for content!!


Hamish Rankine

Hutt Rep NZPFU (Wellington Local)

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Annual General Meeting

Members are advised that pursuant to Union Rule B.15.11, notice is given for the Auckland Local Annual General Meeting to be held on Friday 23 August 2024.


Due to the recent resignation of the Taupo Local Secretary, nominations are hereby called for this position in accordance with the Rules of the New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union.

Election of Northcom Representative - Auckland Local Committee

By the closing date for nominations for the position of Northcom Representative – Auckland Local Committee, the following nomination has been received.