The NZPFU welcomes the announcement this afternoon that $50 million of the Government’s “shovel-ready” projects will fund the building and upgrading of fire stations. This funding is sorely needed. But already FENZ has failed to prioritise that funding to address community risk and firefighter safety.

Holidays Act remediation project update

We know that some former members are frustrated with the delays in being notified if they are owed payments, and if so when that payment will be made.  We are passing on all those queries to the appropriate personnel at FENZ and following up on progress. They should be receiving their calculations, and be receiving any payment outstanding.

Interesting times are ahead for us all. In the past weeks, we have met with FENZ management around two significant outstanding issues; medical co response recognition and Auckland task force recommendations/solutions.

Joint NZPFU PSA Notice: Tranche 2B

NZPFU and PSA representatives have been meeting with Deputy Chief Executive Service Delivery Kerry Gregory and other FENZ representatives over the past two days to discuss the proposed Tranche 2B roles.

Central Branch Members are reminded to ensure they have their electronic vote in for the election of Central Branch Secretary by 1800 Monday 29 June 2020.

NZPFU pushes for urgency for Napier Fire Station with dire seismic rating

This week NZPFU representatives and a specialist engineer met with FENZ representative’s to push for necessary investigations into the structure and safety of the Napier Fire Station be undertaken with urgency so that the necessary re-build and remediation work can begin.