We have NZPFU members with views across the spectrum on the issue of the Covid-19 vaccination programme. Some have made their decision, some are still looking for answers. We have organised a Q and A session for those with questions to be answered.

NZPFU priority is to preserve jobs if mandatory vaccination order implemented

We have still not received any confirmation from Government of the scope and impact of any pending mandatory vaccination orders. The NZPFU National Committee met this afternoon to discuss the issues that would arise if an applicable mandatory vaccination order was implemented, and the various scenarios our members would face.


This afternoon Minister Chris Hipkins announced a Cabinet decision to require teachers and most healthcare workers to be Covid-19 vaccinated. The Minister specifically referred to a range of roles in the health sector including paramedics but firefighters were not mentioned.   

NZPFU does not support mandatory vaccinations

In 2020 the NZPFU and FENZ agreed to a Covid-19 voluntary vaccination roll-out plan that also protected the right of personnel to keep their vaccination-status confidential.

Members are advised that due to the latest COVID-19 announcement from the Government, the Auckland Local has postponed our Annual General Meeting until Wednesday 3 November.

TFT 25mm GForce Hosereel Nozzle Recall

It has been brought to the Auckland Local’s attention that it has been discovered that the TFT 25mm Gforce hosereel nozzles are designed to a European specification, which is for low pressure nozzles, and have a maximum working pressure of 16 bar (1600 kPa) instead of the hose reel pressure version specified at 40 bar (4000 kPa).

Members have reported some Managers are intending to apply the transfers and vacancies policy across the new larger districts. Managers cannot unilaterally impose this change. There are provisions in the NZPFU collective agreement that must be considered and applied.