Recently there have been instances of members departing from accepted operational practices for various reasons    

Both practices have been in isolation and without the Locals knowledge or approval.

Whilst members may be acting in good faith the Local would appreciate time to consider any deviation from standard practice and to be consulted so that any unforeseen problems can be worked through, members can be advised and particularly those effected members can be given the opportunity to comment.

The Local can then approve or oppose any changes with all the available information.

An example recently which was sanctioned and supported by the Union was the additional Firefighter placed in the back of City 217 whilst the Snorkel is being maintained.

All members need to be aware that at the very least the Union is entitled to be genuinely consulted about all policy or common day to day practices that are varied.

All these practices are the result of negotiation or consultation over the years and should not be deviated from on a whim.

If members wish to see a change in normal practice it is important that consultation or negotiation with all effected members take place and time to consider the matter is appropriate.

Members, regardless of rank, do not have the authority to change standard practices on a day to day or shift by shift basis.

The Union operates in a civilian democratic environment, not a dictatorial one such as the military, members have rights and consultation or negotiation with appropriate management representatives is the only avenue to change standard common and accepted practices including the crewing of appliances and riding positions.

However it must be assumed that the practice of negotiation or consultation has overall given significant benefits to members as opposed to a dictatorial one.

Very few members leave the Service for military conditions but many arrive from that environment.

Remember the conditions you enjoy overall were not given by the employer but negotiated for. It is not an environment to pick and choose which ones you like and ignore or change those that don’t suit. Please contact Wellington Local Executive officials first should you believe any changes are necessary only they have your authority to commence any change process.

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