The NZPFU is receiving reports from members appointed to the Community Risk & Recovery (CRR) and Risk Reduction (RR) and Advisor and Senior Advisor roles are being told to train and mentor those appointed in more senior positions above them.

FENZ has chosen to appoint personnel in the more senior positions that do not have the training, qualifications and experience of some in the CRR and RR advisor roles.  The obvious implications of those appointments are now coming to fruition. 

Members are advised that training, educating and mentoring those in the more senior positions are not part of the CRR and RR job descriptions.  It is not your responsibility to prop up a structure that includes the appointment of personnel to positions above their level of training, qualifications or experience.   

It is not in your interests to take on responsibilities that are not in your job description.  Your remuneration does not reflect that additional work or responsibility.

In unity,
Wattie Watson
National Secretary

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