FENZ intends to flick the switch on 27 September 2021 standing up the new Tranche 2 and 2B structure.  But FENZ is yet to engage with the NZPFU on the practical implications of the changes.  The lack of regard or engagement can only increase the stress and frustration of those that will be directly affected by those changes, and those whose day to day activities changed with new management, new district boundaries and new roles replacing the current structure.  

The absence of proactive or positive engagement creates a void of uncertainty and heightens stress.  Once again FENZ fails to apply its own values to its senior management.

The NZPFU represents members that are directly affected with their jobs being disestablished and appointed into new roles including FRMOs, members whose day to day activities may be impacted including VSOs and SSOs, and the bulk of our members will be see some impacted by changes in management and boundaries.   The NZPFU has requested FENZ on a number of occasions to engage on the practical implications that will arise due to the stand-up of Tranche 2 and 2B and new District boundaries.   

The Union is very concerned the impact this restructure has had, and will continue to have on the safety and wellbeing of our members.  

The NZPFU has been informed that some members are being approached to discuss some practicalities that will arise post the stand-up.  Members have reported being asked to discuss workloads and locations.  

Others who have unsuccessfully applied for new senior positions are being asked to provide information or assist the appointee who does not have the experience or qualifications.  The appointment process is an abject failure when the less qualified and experienced are appointed.  It is abhorrent to then expect the more qualified and experienced to impart their knowledge, skills and experience to train up those appointed above them.  The NZPFU advises its members to direct any such requests, or any queries about the implications of change to the union.  It is not in your interests to engage on an individual level.

  • FENZ is obligated to consult with the union on the practicalities of the changes. 
  • If you do not have a new position under the restructure then there is no change to your position, workplace location, workload or day to day activities.  You do not have to change where you work, how you work, or your workload.
  • If you are approached to make any changes or assist with the transition please refer your management to your union and notify your union representative.

In unity,
Wattie Watson
National Secretary

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