So much for being in one waka… doing the right thing… serving and supporting… being better together!

The FENZ Executive Leadership Team has repeatedly failed to apply the FENZ values to themselves, but they have achieved a new low – documented discrimination against union representatives.

A recently released role description for Subject Matter Experts (SME) Working Safely in Water (attached) lists union representatives as having a conflict of interest.  If the person had the relevant skills and technical knowledge to be a SME but were also a union representative, that employee would have to “formally document” their union involvement, put a “management plan in place”, and if the perceived conflict of interest was “severe” enough it would “disqualify” them from performing as a SME.

FENZ is not wanting SMEs who will use their skills, knowledge and experience to achieve the best outcomes for firefighters and the community.  This is FENZ attempting to eliminate the involvement of union representatives who put health and safety first. We believe this documented discrimination indicates FENZ only wants sycophants they can control and who will espouse the company line. 

Ironically FENZ has chosen to publicly debut its anti-union stance for a “working safely” project.

We have written to the National Commander Kerry Gregory and DCE People Brendan Nally pointing out the prohibition against discrimination on union representation and union activities in the Employment Relations Act 2000.  We have asked them to confirm they have withdrawn the document and removed the reference to union representatives having a conflict of interest with urgency.  We have put them on notice that failure to do so will result in the union taking all necessary action.

We won’t tolerate union bashing.  We will always speak up for the safety, health and wellbeing of our members and the community they serve.

In unity,
Wattie Watson
National Secretary

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