Fire and Emergency N.Z. Bill

Attached is a copy of the Union Submission on the Bill.

The Submission was presented to the Select Committee on Wednesday 21 September and verbal submissions were made in support.

The Union was given 45 minutes before the Select Committee to make its presentation (usually Submission are given 15 minutes).

The Submission (which speaks for itself) was well received and Select Committee members appeared well aware of the various concerns the Union raised.

Transition - Delegate Meeting

The Union has organised, in conjunction with the Transition Office, a meeting of Delegates (essentially a Conference) for 23 September, for Delegates to both obtain further information and provide comments on the Transition to FENZ.

Paul Swain, Paul Baxter, David Strong (Director – Transition Project) and other senior officials of the Transition Office will be in attendance and will present to Delegates.

Every Local will have representation at this meeting and will be able to take back to Locals the most up to date and relevant information.


Further to the information provided in the last Newsletter.

Subsequent to that Newsletter, the Transition Office was in quick contact with the Union. Arising out of the discussion, the Union asked the Transition Office to provide a proposal as to what they saw as appropriate for those accepting a Secondment to the Transition Office.

Unfortunately what they came back with was hardly satisfactory.

  • Very vague over actual day to day work arrangements
  • Fixed term role
  • But not 100% full time
  • Dependant on the Operational impacts of releasing someone from their substantial role – these are considerations for the person’s manager.
  • There will be a schedule of work required within a specified set time period.
  • Return to your role at the conclusion of the Secondment.
  • You will receive no less than your current remuneration.
  • You will not be ‘out of pocket’ on the Secondment.
  • The Secondment ends when the work no longer requires input or in need of the FENZ Project or the person changes.

Anyone accepting a Secondment on the basis of the above vague arrangements would be foolish indeed.

The Union has advised the Transition Office that these arrangements are unsatisfactory. Given the Transition Office seems unable to come up with a detailed Secondment proposal/arrangement – let alone Conditions that would attract applicants – the Union will further develop a proposal.

Our advice therefore in the previous Newsletter still stands.

  • If you are interested. Put in an expression of interest.
  • Refer the Transition Office to the Union as regarding the detail of a Secondment offer.

Investigation into students attending the Canberra Institute of Technology

Arising out of another investigation, the Fire Service have determined to investigate students who have participated in Canberra Institute of Technology courses (essentially Fire Safety Officers).

The Union sees this as some sort of wild goose chase that has nothing underpinning its necessity.

The Union is not aware of any concerns expressed by the Canberra Institute and one would expect any investigation into alleged impropriety with an academic Institution to at least involve that Institution.

Management have appointed a lawyer, Richard Fowler, to conduct this Investigation.

The Union would strongly recommend any members approached by Richard Fowler to have nothing to do with any investigation.


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Due to the recent resignation of the Taupo Local Secretary, nominations are hereby called for this position in accordance with the Rules of the New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union.

Election of Northcom Representative - Auckland Local Committee

By the closing date for nominations for the position of Northcom Representative – Auckland Local Committee, the following nomination has been received.

Blood Screening and Health Checks now available for Wellington Local Members

The Wellington Local are pleased to announce members can now book Blood Screening and Health Checks by agreement with 2 providers. The local has been working very hard to find providers to undertake these comprehensive and potentially life-saving checks for our members.