Members will by now be aware that as part of your Local’s efforts to further our contract negotiations, a partial stoppage is planned from 23 July to 30 July.

The wording of the Newsletter to Members No.18 – 8 July 2009 is:


The Union filed Notice of Strike Action today, for North Island members – that is:

A ban on the use of any computer keyboard or computer mouse by any Union member employed in the North Island other than members in the Northern and Central Communications Centres.

The strike will commence at 0800 hours on 23 July 2009 and conclude at 0800 hours on 30 July 2009.

The strike will be continuous.

The strike will occur at all Fire Stations, Regional Offices and Training Centres in the North Island (but excluding the Northern and Central Communications Centres).

National Committee members will discuss all matters relating to the strike action with Local officials before the strike commences.

Please direct any queries to members of the National Committee.

The important part, for us in the Local, is ensuring that our fire engines are fully manned during this time. Black Watch workers are also included in this stoppage.

The Local Committee has decided that the following will occur:

  • Rosters Officers will return to the paper-based systems as used up until the advent of SMS Rostering.

  • Stations are to have available, hard copies of overtime claim forms, Daily Summary of Pay Claims forms.
    John Geboers and Brett Goodhue will liaise with Rosters Officers to assist in this set up.

  • Completed Daily Overtime Claims to be forwarded to your Area Manager for processing (faxed or delivered or the Area Manager may like to pick them up from your station).

  • Accident Reporting will be done by hard copy. Print off 432 forms.

  • Stations will keep an “Occurrence Book” for the duration of the stoppage.

  • “Out of Office reply” to be used by all Union members during this action. Do this before 23 July. Wording to follow.

In order to assist members with questions during this time, the following committee members have been assigned to stations. Please direct any questions to them in the first instance.

Stn  Comm. Member  Contact Details  Stn
Comm. Member  Contact 
Sulu Devoe  027 3628683  60  Matt Camplin  021 2302799 
21  John Waldow    021 1412461  61    Matt Camplin  021 2302799 
22   John Geboers  021 1708405  62  Matt Camplin  021 2302799 
23 John Waldow  021 1412461  64  Matt Camplin  021 2302799 
24  John Waldow  021 1412461  65   Toby Kerr   027 5424470 
25  Sulu Devoe  027 3628683  66   Toby Kerr   027 5424470 
26   Sulu Devoe  027 3628683  67  Toby Kerr   027 5424470 
27   John Geboers  021 1708405  69   Toby Kerr  027 5424470 
30   John Geboers  021 1708405  80  Wayne Bridger   027 4843568 
31   John Waldow  021 1412461  81  Wayne Bridger   027 4843568 
32   James Hall  021 02374301  82  Wayne Bridger  027 4843568 
33  James Hall  021 02374301  83   Wayne Bridger  027 4843568 
34  James Hall  021 02374301  85  Wayne Bridger  027 4843568 
35  James Hall  021 02374301  90  Wayne Bridger  027 4843568 
38 James Hall 021 02374301      
Controlroom  Kevin Barbara  021 420857 
Fire Safety  Mike McEnaney  027 4500131 
Training Centre  Mike McEnaney
027 4500131 
Headquarters  Mike McEnaney  027 4500131 

Further notices will be published prior to 23 July.

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