The NZPFU Type 3 Project representatives have provided the following update. 

  • Funding for the project has been confirmed.
  • There have been some delays due to COVID but the project is progressing.
  • RFP’s (Requests for Proposal) have been called for from the global marketplace. This is where suppliers interested will pitch their vehicles to us in paper documents and with computer modelling which outlines all the specs and how each one matches the user requirements we have asked for.
  • All potential suppliers have had an opportunity to ask questions of the project team (fleet, procurement and operations) and questions have now closed.
  • The RFP closes on the 4th of December 2020, this is the latest a potential supplier can send us their proposal.
  • A select group of project members (including operations reps) will score the paper proposals.
  • From this point there will be very little information as government procurement probity rules restrict a lot of the information being shared due to the sensitivities of the contracts and businesses of the potential suppliers involved.
  • The scoring will be assessed and moderated and following a detailed due diligence process, the top two suppliers will be asked to produce two prototypes each (a pump and a PRT version each).
  • Once they arrive in NZ after being built, they will be rigorously trialled and tested by the project team.
  • Upon completion of this they will go to stations (TBC due to time limitations) for on-station prototyping. These stations will be carefully selected to ensure we cover as many variables as possible such as call volume, call types, working jobs, topography, terrain and weather conditions.
  • From this a preferred supplier will be selected, considering all of the factors leading up to this point including assessments and surveys on trial stations.
  • We will then have an opportunity to work with the supplier to make small tweaks to the final design before orders placed for the next generation of Type 3.

For any further information or clarification please contact Central Branch Vice President Peter Harwood
( or 021 438 960.

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