The Auckland Local Committee thanks it’s members for the mahi put in during this long process of industrial action. 

Thank you to all who committed to participate in today’s now withdrawn work stoppage. We understand that industrial action is not convenient and that it is frustrating when it is withdrawn at short notice. 

We must remember that industrial action is a necessary and powerful tool for us to use toward reaching a settlement. 

Today’s notice of stoppage withdrawal is a sign that progress is being made and that our actions are working. 

The Government has put up a proposal that will help, but we are not there yet. We have reached this point because of your commitment to the cause, and we are grateful to you all.

More work is required, and greater commitment required from FENZ, hence the notice from Wattie advising us to stand by for further updates about Monday. We must be ready to stand united again.

It is also hard and unfortunate that it is not possible to have all the information shared with us for obvious reasons. 

Trust that our National Committee are focused on our best interests. 

Well done to all, this is a positive outcome that can only be obtained by working together as a Union. 

In Unity

Auckland Local Committee

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