The following correspondence is forwarded for members’ information following the event at Parliament last week in the drive for the introduction of presumptive legislation and recognition of occupational cancers to firefighters.

Alan Collett
Wellington Local Secretary

Dear Alan

The Auckland Local would like to send our sincere thanks to the Wellington Local for the great turnout of firefighters yesterday at our nation’s Parliament, in the drive for the introduction of presumptive legislation and recognition of occupational cancers to firefighters.

From New Zealand’s largest Local, we thank your Committee, the Wellington membership, Wattie, and the National Committee for all your efforts.

We also wish to express a special thanks to Alex Forrest for coming down to our little country to share his knowledge and experience in the important fight we have ahead.

Once again, thank you all from the membership of the Auckland Local.

Kind regards

Auckland Local

Dear Martin

Thank you and the Auckland Local for your letter of appreciation regarding the event at Parliament yesterday. It truly was a fantastic sight and we have made significant progress as a result. We are yet to get a Bill on the table but we are much closer and yesterday’s event is a very important part of the campaign.

The fantastic Wellington turnout was amazing and in addition to the leadership of Alan Collette, was achieved through the work of Rob Hutchison, Jaron McKone, Clark Townsley and Ian Wright who all were instrumental in putting the event together.

The strong presence sent a strong message to Members of Parliament and I have had more interest today from MPs who now want to get involved. The movement is building!

The two visits by Alex Forrest have been hugely successful and his generosity in giving his time and the benefit of his expertise and experience knows no bounds. Alex has an exhausting travel timetable but he has willingly gone to every meeting and media opportunity, no matter how early or late in the day, and his efforts have put the issue in the public’s mind.

We will be forever indebted to him, the IAFF and the UFUA for their support and assistance. Without the assistance of our global comrades we would not have got this far.

I have copied Alex into this email so that he also has a copy of your attached letter Martin.

In unity,

Hi Martin

Firstly thanks for the acknowledgement but I have to support Wattie's sentiment towards Hutch, Clark and Jared. They led this charge on behalf of the local. Ian of course was also heavily involved at all levels as our national president and he still has a big influence within the local, and quite rightly so.

I will certainly attach your letter to my next local update to the membership as it is much appreciated.

We look forward to maintaining a solid relationship with the Auckland Local and suppprting you with any advice we can offer during the task force working period.

Alan Collett

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