The NZPFU is aware that many Areas/Stations are or will be overstaffed/over establishment.

With these additional staff, some New Zealand Fire Service managers or staff may be tempted to move these additional staff to cover short term absences. The way in which staff can be moved is clearly detailed within the Collective Contract under Clauses 2.3.5 through to 2.3.9.

Also in the Collective is the “Transfers, Notifications of Vacancies and Appointment Policy” which has clear instructions on how transfer or temporary transfer can be made.

Section 5 of this policy “Mutual & Directed Transfers” states “Officers or Firefighters can, where required for operational reasons, be directed to transfer from one Fire Station to another within a Fire District, but that such directed transfers will not occur across the boundary between Fire Districts. Fourteen days notice of such a transfer shall be given.”

What does this all mean? Members cannot be transferred from Station to Station or change Watch without Clauses 2.3.5 through to 2.3.9 and the Transfer Policy being followed.

Locals are asked to bring this notice to the attention of Area Management and also to ensure any rosters staff are aware of the requirements of the Collective Agreement in relation to moving all additional staff members.

The additional situation that may arise from these additional staff is that members may be moved to create a vacancy to accommodate these additional staff.

Attached to “Transfers, Notifications of Vacancies and Appointment Policy” under Appendix A is a flow chart which clearly outlines how this is to be done. All trainee vacancies must have already been indicated prior to these additional staff being assigned to their Station and Watch and the process outlined obviously excludes moving of additional or existing staff to accommodate new trainees.

Christmas/New Year

Given that again Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall on a weekend (Sunday), the following will apply:

Blue Watch:

Day in Lieu Night Shift 24 Dec
Day in Lieu Night Shift 25 Dec
Day in Lieu Night Shift 1 Jan
Day in Lieu Night Shift 2 Jan

Green Watch:

Day in Lieu Day Shift 25 Dec
Day in Lieu Night Shift 26 Dec
Day in Lieu Day Shift 1 Jan
Day in Lieu Day Shift 2 Jan

Red Watch:

Day in Lieu Day Shift 26 Dec
Day in Lieu Day Shift 27 Dec
Day in Lieu Day Shift 3 Jan

Brown Watch:

Day in Lieu Night Shift 31 Dec


The Union is aware that in some places at least, SSOs have received letters from Area Management regarding O.S.M. records and maintenance of operational skills.

The Strike Notice is quite clear in that Operational Skills Maintenance is part of the present bans.

Such a Ban is entirely legal and is to be complied with.

However, if such letters are received by members, please immediately advise your Branch officials.

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