NZPFU yet to be consulted on Team Management Profile Questionnaire

A Team Management Profile Questionnaire (TMP) is being distributed for some NZPFU members to complete.

Members are advised that it is not in their interests to participate in the Team Management Profile Questionnaire (TMP) as the NZPFU has not been consulted on the survey, its purpose, method or how the data will be used now or in the future.

We are very concerned that this “self-assessment tool” is touted about gathering information on how people work or want to work but there has been no discussion on the purpose or use of the questionnaire. The NZPFU is concerned that it is information that will be stored and could be used against the employee for undisclosed purposes now or in the future that may be detrimental to the employee.

The NZPFU has requested a meeting with FENZ to discuss these issues.  In the interim members are advised it is not in their interests to participate until the NZPFU can clarify the purpose and use.

In unity,
Wattie Watson
National Secretary

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