There still seems to be misunderstanding around members rights when meeting with Management to discuss Return to Work Duties.

The Local reminds members that if you are certified unfit for full duties by your doctor, but are able to complete restricted duties, commonly referred as “Light Duties”, you will be asked to come in and meet with the Assistant Area Manager (Personnel) to discuss and complete a Return to Work Plan.

This is the opportunity to work through the details of what members will be expected to do whilst on restricted duties, and to get agreement from all parties.

Members should not feel pressured into doing more than you feel comfortable doing or are medically or physically able to. The Return to Work plan should be designed to assist the member to get back to work as quickly and easily as is possible.

You are entitled, and it is strongly recommend, to have a support person and union delegate with you when you attend the meeting.

Once a return to work plan is in place, members will be expected to complete timesheets for each day they are working. This will then have to be emailed to Area Management by Wednesday mornings to ensure that any eligible earnings related compensation top up is paid.

Once a member returns on “Light Duties”, they will be entitled to a top up which brings their pay from 80% of pre incident earnings to 100% (exact figure is complicated and is calculated on how long they have been off for prior to event).

Payslips should also be checked whilst you are on any type of absence and return to work plan to ensure that full and proper entitlements are received.

If you have any concerns or queries about the process, make sure to get in touch with your Local Committee Cluster Representative prior to any meeting with management.

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