Manning Issues

Members are advised that it is the policy of this local that appliances will not be de-manned due to no overtime being found. We have an agreement from the Regional commander that in the event of extreme shortages and if no other option at all exists the On Call CFO/DCFO is to be contacted. The On Call CFO/DCFO has the authority to make a decision to allow available personnel to work the required shift (in excess of the guidelines) in this emergency situation and authorise reasonable stand-down time to ensure that individuals are not
exposed to extreme workloads or stress. There are limitations to this moving between ranks and acting up and acting down rules apply. The member should in essence be stood down from routine duties for the 3rd shift to rest.

New Work

Remit No. 10 National Conference (resolution UCF 23/2002) was “That the National Committee ensure that all “new work” is subject to specific negotiation with the employer and that all proposals for new work be notified promptly to the committee.”

Pursuant to this, members are asked to be vigilant when asked to do what might constitute “new work” and notify the Local Secretary ASAP to enable investigations to be made with the National Committee. The Conference delegates expressed their concern at the amount of work that has crept in over the years including USAR and high angle rescue to name a few.

Paraparaumu Black Watch Offer

Members should be aware that after discussion with the National union Secretary, the local exec has determined that the benefits of manning
Paraparaumu on a black watch, short term basis (maintaining a presence) outweighs other possibilities. Members should be aware although, that upon applying, they do so with the knowledge of current manning levels present at Paraparaumu i.e. 3 FF’s and no Officer.

Accumulated Service Leave

Members might be aware that there has been an ongoing wrangle with management to secure 3 days ASL for newer members from armed forces and the like pursuant to a “P” Circular from 1986. The National Union is following this up and this local will keep members advised. There is a certain amount of confusion surrounding eligibility and each side has a legal opinion.

Working on Extended Leave

Members are advised once again, that working on their extended leave is not tolerated either by the Union or Management,

Christmas Thanks

At this point I would like to thank all members of the Local Executive both elected and ex-oficio officials for all their work this year. All members on every committee that they sit on and members seconded as union watchdogs for special projects.
Also thanks to all vigilant members out there who notify officials of problems or potential problems

Note change of Cell Phone number for Secretary

Merry Christmas

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