Building Evacuations

Members should be aware of ramifications when allowing building occupants back into an evacuated building. Advice is that the alarm system may not be working and therefore they may not have an operable evacuation scheme. This local recommends to members that care is taken when talking to the building owner / agent to let them know this information. And that they the owners / agents take responsibility for the re-entry of occupiers.

The local is currently working with management on the development of solutions to assist members and the public.

Working on extended leave

The Wellington Local has become aware of a trend for members to work overtime during their extended leave period. This is clearly in breach of the
collective contract.

The contract is clear in this matter in that those workers shall be granted 14 consecutive days leave, for every 160 consecutive days of employment, plus 2 days for watch realignment.

Overtime may be worked 4 days prior to the start of the extended leave period and 2 days prior to the return to work. Reference: Part 2- Clause 7 of the Collective Agreement.

Volunteer Support Officers

Members are advised that the Local is still working with the National Union and Management on a satisfactory outcome on the Paraparaumu District Support Officer Positions. We will advise members as soon as we have reached agreement.

Section 66 policy

There appears to be confusion surrounding the acting up under section 66 of unqualified personnel.

Although section 66 does allow for this to happen the union is bound by an employment court decision W.T. 82/92 W.E.T. 28/91 which states in brief, that regard must be taken to the progression clause within the current contract. Therefore if qualified personnel are available then they must be offered the position first.

Training Couse Attendance

It has come to this local’s attention that the Nation Union has negotiated a new policy on attendance at training courses. As yet the details of this have not been promulgated and as such the Local’s agreement with the Regional Commander still stands. Therefore members will continue to have 48 hours off before and after 3 and 4-day courses.

The Local understands that the Nation Union has negotiated something different in respect of time off for courses of this duration.

The Local is writing to the National Committee expressing its concern at this agreement due to the possible amount of consecutive days worked. The Local asks that when this new policy is finally promulgated, members be aware of any tiredness and duress observed during course attendance and after, while on shift. The Local asks that those members keep the Local informed of these stresses so that we can advocate further changes.

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