1. We refer Members to the previous election notices where the following were declared elected.

Wellington Local Secretary: Rob Hutchison
Wellington Local President: Carlos Dempsey

Wellington Local Committee members:

Kelvin Bennett
Ryan Bothma
Jason Brink
Jared Mc Kone
Allan Smith
Kurt Walsh

2. In accordance with the NZPFU Rules an election for Local Vice President was subsequently held.

I now declare Josh McAlpine elected to the position of Wellington Local Vice President.

3. The Wellington Local requested nominations be called for the 4 remaining Committee positions. As of the closing date the following nominations had been received for the 4 remaining positions of Wellington Committee members:

Shaun Crowley
Scott Duganzich
Corey Fairbairn
Fraser Jackson
Leigh Kelly
Rory Mc Lennan
Andrew Mc Phee
David Milham

The elections shall be conducted by election voting for the positions of Wellington Local Committee members.  The dates and process for the elections will be notified by separate notice.                                                                                      

Bob Wills-Rawlings
Central Branch Returning Officer
Mobile: 027 738 4041
Email: bob.wills-rawlings@fireandemergency.nz

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